Hello World!
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Hello World!

It all started with Hello World.

“Hello World”, the computer greeted me through a Command Line Interface after I compiled few lines of code. The first programming language I used, C, seemed gibberish at first. I didn’t fully understood what I just wrote and compiled but hey, it worked! Since then, Hello World meant curiosity and fresh start for me.



Do you remember the first time when you saw someone using a computer or mobile device? Of course, you don’t know how to use one back then but you were probably wondering what that person was doing with it. Curiosity sparked your interest to learn and here you are now, reading my post on a computer or a mobile device.


A fresh start

Taking the first step towards something new is hard, to be honest. There are more uncertainties for the road less traveled. It is easy to feel hopeless when walking in the dark but don’t lose faith and trust yourself. Things may not be working out well for you at some point but you have to remember why you started.


Learn and share

This blog is a fresh start for me. I don’t know what to expect but honestly, I don’t expect anything but to learn. Through this blog, I’ll be sharing insights about life from a Software Engineer’s perspective. I’ll also be sharing useful tools, tips and tricks I use for software development. Some random stuff are also to be expected here so stay tuned and see you on my next post!


Hello World!


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