About Me


Mark Revilla

I am a Software Engineer from Philippines with a good amount of experience developing applications for web and mobile platforms and embedded systems. I am the type of person who goes straight to the point.
For a more in-depth background of my work experience, visit my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/slayermarkxd/
Backend Web Development
Frontend Web Development
iOS Applications Development
Hybrid Applications Development
Embedded Software Development
TEchnical Background
Web Applications 
I started developing web applications years before I graduated college. I started developing projects with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. After having a good understanding and experience with these languages and technologies, I continued to improve my skills with tools and frameworks. I currently develop Web Applications using any or combinations of the Laravel, JQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js and AngularJS. 

Mobile Applications 
During my internship is when I started developing games and applications for iOS. After being employed in the same company, I continued to develop more complex iOS applications with Bluetooth Low Energy and Geolocation integrations to name some. Recently, I started using Ionic for developing hybrid mobile applications. 

Embedded Software
Tinkering with hardware started as my childhood hobby. With affordable development kits like Raspberry Pi and Arduino, I became more interested with developing software which interacts with different hardware components. I develop Embedded Software using any or combinations of C, C++, Python, and Bash Scripting.
Recent WORK


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