To save both our time, here are some frequently asked questions and my answers. Feel free to leave a message on the Contact Me page or through my email,, for clarifications or other questions.
Who are you?
If by any chance you ended up on this page by searching "Mark Revilla" on Google or some search engine, I'm probably not the person you are looking for. If you intended to visit my website and got curious with the results from searching my name on Google or any other search engine, don't do it. You have been warned.
Ok. What can you do?
Aside from developing web and mobile applications, I develop desktop and embedded systems applications, maintain and improve existing software, troubleshoot computer software, hardware and networking issues, manage software development teams, build custom system units, deploy diskless system units, provide efficient and cost-effective solutions as an IT consultant, provide trainings for web and mobile applications development deploy and maintain shared and dedicated web servers and gather a team for software development and branding projects.
Sounds great. Where can I find your work?
Some of the applications are on My Portfolio page. Most of the other applications I did are confidential where I signed a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) or the application is simply not available anymore. I do keep track of the types or general categories of applications I did on my LinkedIn Profile.